10 Months Old!


 Our sweet Lukey boy has changed so much this month!

10 Months Old

  • 19.5lbs
  • Eats three meals a day, still haven’t found any food he doesn’t like
  • Crawls everywhere – fast!
  • Finds anything and everything on the floor and our shelves within reaching level
  • Survived and conquered first major winter cold
  • In a “separation anxiety” stage – somewhat mild but loves to be with mama!
  • Loves to pull up on furniture, dog gates, legs, etc.
  • Walks with help
  • Loves to bang the dog bowls on the floor and try to find the water bowl
  • Enjoys playing with his activity cube and his box of “kitchen stuff”
  • Says “dada” a lot!
  • Loves lots of playdates and Little Gym time

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