9 months in…9 months out!

Our precious little guy is 9 months old! So hard to believe he’s been out and part of our lives longer than we knew we were expecting him! Time is flying and we are doing our best to cherish every moment (the good AND the tough) and to celebrate everything he is learning and we are experiencing being first-time parents. Soon it will be time for all of the holiday celebrations and to start planning our sweet boy’s 1st birthday! But until then…

9 Months:

  • 18.5 lbs (dr. says Luke needs to gain more weight – but he eats a ton; he’s just so active!)
  • 28.5 inches
  • crawling “army” style
  • loves to pull up on anything
  • always wants to be moving
  • entering the “stranger anxiety” phase – loves to be with mommy
  • bobs/moves to music
  • enjoys his new outdoor swing
  • Friday mornings at The Little Gym are a highlight of the week – love pulling up on the bars and playing with the bells and bubbles
  • loves his puppies; they can always make him laugh!
  • stands up in crib when ready to get up from a nap
  • still loves all food and eats three meals a day