8 Months Old

Wow – 8 Months already! What a fun month we have had!


  • Two teeth
  • Loves food – still eating everything we give him and wants everything we are eating
  • Trip to TX to see all the grandparents and to FL for vacation and to meet family
  • Started “Bugs” classes at the Little Gym – so much fun! (4-10mo)
  • Started hanging out with 3 baby friends (and their awesome mommas) on Mondays
  • Prefers to stand (with help) over sitting
  • Favorite toys: Jumperoo, Sophie Giraffe, Ball with holes, plastic bowls and spoons, empty water bottles
  • First boat ride (Airboat ride in the FL Everglades)
  • Pulled himself up in the crib (which got the mattress moved down that night!)
  • “Walks” assisted
  • Loves to laugh when tickled, watching something funny happen, or at the dogs
  • becoming a little more clingy to mommy


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