8 Months Old

Wow – 8 Months already! What a fun month we have had!


  • Two teeth
  • Loves food – still eating everything we give him and wants everything we are eating
  • Trip to TX to see all the grandparents and to FL for vacation and to meet family
  • Started “Bugs” classes at the Little Gym – so much fun! (4-10mo)
  • Started hanging out with 3 baby friends (and their awesome mommas) on Mondays
  • Prefers to stand (with help) over sitting
  • Favorite toys: Jumperoo, Sophie Giraffe, Ball with holes, plastic bowls and spoons, empty water bottles
  • First boat ride (Airboat ride in the FL Everglades)
  • Pulled himself up in the crib (which got the mattress moved down that night!)
  • “Walks” assisted
  • Loves to laugh when tickled, watching something funny happen, or at the dogs
  • becoming a little more clingy to mommy


6 & 7 Months Old!

Time is flying and although these blogs have been written, they haven’t been posted! Here’s some updates on our baby boy…

6 Months Old:


  • 18lbs, 2oz
  • 27.5in
  • Definitely teething!
  • Two baby friends were born this month!
  • started feeding solid foods – likes everything we give him
  • favorite toy is still the jumperoo, loves to bounce around and when the dogs come up and lick him
  • starting to sleep a little better – we are hopeful!
  • lots of walks with mommy in the nice CO weather
  • had 6 month pictures taken
  • starting to sit up on his own

7 Months Old:


  • First tooth broke through on 7th month birthday!
  • took an Amtrak train ride to the Western slope with mommy, daddy, and nana for our 5th anniversary
  • Loves his new ride – the hiking backpack!
  • Slept through the night for the first time – but not a common occurrence yet
  • Can roll anywhere he wants in a room – able to sit up well and on hands and knees
  • Started baby “mom and me” swim lessons – loves the water!
  • Uses the big bathtub now, loves to play with toys in the bath
  • Mommy signs basic signs to him – hopefully he will sign back soon!
  • Loves to look at, laugh at, and “pet” the dogs
  • Blows lots of raspberries 
  • Stands with help 
  • Let mom and dad have a few date nights this month 

4 & 5 Months Old!


Luke is 4 months old! His personality is really starting to shine! He is growing like crazy and we are enjoying every moment with him – and thankful for nicer weather!

  • ~16 lbs
  • ~25 inches
  • new favorite toy – the jumperoo!
  • Still loving walks in the stroller, starting to be awake more!
  • Rolling back to front and front to back consistently, still prefers back
  • went on first “outing” with Dad and left mom at home to throw a baby shower!
  • Likes to “talk”
  • Toes are definitely a favorite!

Luke is 5 months! We are so glad it’s summer and looking forward to nice weather, vacations, and new adventures!


  • ~18 lbs
  • He has outgrown some early favorite things such as the Rock N Play, Bouncer, and Baby bathtub!
  • Lots of spit ups around 5 months
  • Enjoyed lots of visitors in May! (Both sides of grandparents and Mommy and Daddy’s friends for Daddy’s birthday!)
  • Made the graduation party rounds with mom
  • Fingers are always in the mouth!
  • Rolling over like crazy
  • Riding in the stroller like a “big” boy (no infant car seat)
  • Got to visit a fire station – everything was so neat to look at!
  • Trip to Texas for cousin Mel’s graduation
  • First time in a swimming pool – loved it!