Two Months Old

This is a bit delayed, but Luke was two months old on March 16th!  He is growing a ton, and it is so fun to watch him develop!


Two month picture taking went a bit better than one month!

  • ~11 lbs
  • ~22 inches
  • Eyes are still blue
  • Blonde or brown hair – we don’t know!
  • After six weeks off (awesome) Andy went back to work 🙁
  • Started to smile (all the time!) at the beginning of the month
  • Starting to follow things (especially mom and dad and the dogs)
  • Likes to focus on faces
  • Really likes looking at lights and outside
  • Sleeping at least one 4-5 hour chunk a night
  • Still loves to dance
  • Falls asleep best to a sound machine – the rain sound
  • Loves walks (tends to fall asleep)
  • Started going to MOPS with mom
  • Enjoying tummy time more – starting to hold head up
  • Not screaming during bath time anymore
  • Really likes music (at home, church, in the car, etc) – calms him down!

IMG_0272We had a lot of cold days this month! Brrrr! Ready for Spring!

IMG_1961Mommy’s best friend Rachel came to visit! Luke loved it! IMG_3298 If this isn’t a spitting image of Andy (outfit and all), I don’t know what is…IMG_4746Swaddled and in bed – but wide awake!  IMG_4848 Luke and I have lots of fun together! IMG_5120 Luke isn’t really a fan of the snow!!

IMG_7282Fun with Daddy – love when he comes home every night! IMG_8172Our puppies loveeeee their baby!

IMG_9879Luke’s personality is really starting to shine! Love this picture.

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