Three Months Old!

We can’t believe it; our sweet baby is no longer a newborn – he’s three months old! We are starting to pack away clothes that no longer fit and are noticing growth and new development every day! We are loving seeing his cute personality start to come out, but would be okay with time slowing down too!


Three Months:

  • ~13.5 lbs
  • ~ 24 inches (total guesses on height and weight; go back to the dr at 4mos)
  • smiling all the time; especially when he wakes up!
  • “talks” a lot
  • loves to look at different things, especially pictures, paintings, the dogs, the light and fan
  • not interested in pacifier unless it’s his doggie soothie! (pacifier with little stuffed animal attached)
  • took his first flight to Texas and met lots of family and friends! (watch for a separate post on flying with babies)
  • consistently only waking up twice a night – we are working on getting it to once!
  • starting to nap (morning and afternoon) in crib, sleeping in mom and dad’s room at night
  • Mom saw me roll over twice in Texas! (stomach to back) Dad hasn’t seen this yet and is sad ūüôĀ
  • Loves to “flirt”!
  • like to fold hands as well as suck on them!
  • Reading books is a daily occurrence with mom – but sometimes we have to take a break in the middle!
  • Enjoys 2-3 mile walks with mom almost every day
  • Total joy!

IMG_0456Cooooolllllld day in mid-April for this little bear!

IMG_0440BFFs – Luke and Copper

IMG_0429¬†See, we’re TRYING to sleep in the crib!

IMG_0410Guard puppy.

IMG_0405Figuring out the Bumbo chair!

IMG_0392 We did our first trip with a 2.5 month old! Yay! IMG_0388 We loved our trip to Texas!

IMG_0378 Hook Em!

IMG_0371 Happy Easter! He is Risen! IMG_0368 Playing with Nana!IMG_0365I love my grandparents!  FullSizeRender Texas WildflowersIMG_0340The guys hanging out!  IMG_0325 Love Grandpa Jeff! IMG_0317 Meeting Great Uncle Greg!

IMG_0283Sleep bubbles!

IMG_0268¬†“Uncle” Ben changing a diaper!

IMG_0265Surviving dad’s first work trip!


IMG_0223Hiking with cousin Mel in Winter Park.

IMG_0212 Love this sweet life.

IMG_0191 Nana and Mel visited us for Spring Break.

IMG_0182Luke and his puppy paci!

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