Five Minutes…Under Water.

I recently read (and then watched on the Today Show) one of my favorite speakers/authors/people-I’m-sure-I-would-be-BFF-if-I-knew-her-in-real-life, Jen Hatmaker, refer to parenthood in the early times of your children’s lives like five minutes (a really short amount of time!) but under water (difficult!). Read this post. Seriously. As soon I heard this phrase, I totally got it. This is my life, especially now.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve totally got this parenthood thing down. Yes, I know I’ve only been doing it three months. But when I get Luke down to nap twice a day actually IN his crib and not on me, when he only wakes up once a night, when he goes an entire day without pooping through his diaper or spitting up all over himself, and smiles a lot with minimal screaming at me, I feel pretty good. But somedays, everything opposite happens (all of it, in one day) and then, yeah, I totally get that underwater part. I am ready to run for the hills, back to my “predictable” (not really – at all, but rose-colored glasses, right?) job as a DCE where I felt like I generally knew what I was doing and was decent at it, and even though I worked with teenagers – THEY never pooped and peed on me in the same day, and take that baby back to the hospital and say even though I’ve been married almost 5 years, have been an “adult” for 8, have a college degree and a Master’s – this is NOT what I signed up for! Whew! This parenting gig is way too hard for me! I am totally at the underwater stage and just trying to catch one breath! And then…

THEN I get the five minutes part.

I realize that even though I’ve been home with Luke for three months, time IS FLYING. The first few weeks of his life are such a blur to me now, and I find myself emotional that I am packing up his newborn and 0-3month clothing. What?! I spent the majority of last year waiting not-so-patiently for what seemed like forever for him to be born, and now he’s growing up and changing like crazy! My baby! I want him to stay small in my arms forever! He’s precious!

Sure, these five minutes are flying by and they are so incredibly special. The next five minutes will be too though, and so will the five minutes after that. Every stage is full of opportunity and adventure and love. There will be lots of “five minutes” – moments and stages that seem to fly by with Luke and with any future children, and some of those “five minutes” will feel like we’re underwater, barely able to breathe and gasping (probably quite literally, crying) for breath. We’ll be glad when we finally come up for air and are ready for the next stage.

“But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.” 2 Corinthians 12:9

My prayer for myself, and for all my other mommy friends (and even beyond that, because in a lot of ways I think this is a “people” issue, too) is that we learn to embrace those “five minute” stages, whether they are deep underwater or laying on the beach. That we experience God’s goodness and gifts in the good times, and His grace and forgiveness in the bad. I pray with all my heart that the verse above is a constant in my thoughts, no matter the circumstance. That he would use those times, however fleeting they may be, to rest and share in His promises and show His love to our children and those around us.

“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” Psalm 26:3

Love & blessings,


Three Months Old!

We can’t believe it; our sweet baby is no longer a newborn – he’s three months old! We are starting to pack away clothes that no longer fit and are noticing growth and new development every day! We are loving seeing his cute personality start to come out, but would be okay with time slowing down too!


Three Months:

  • ~13.5 lbs
  • ~ 24 inches (total guesses on height and weight; go back to the dr at 4mos)
  • smiling all the time; especially when he wakes up!
  • “talks” a lot
  • loves to look at different things, especially pictures, paintings, the dogs, the light and fan
  • not interested in pacifier unless it’s his doggie soothie! (pacifier with little stuffed animal attached)
  • took his first flight to Texas and met lots of family and friends! (watch for a separate post on flying with babies)
  • consistently only waking up twice a night – we are working on getting it to once!
  • starting to nap (morning and afternoon) in crib, sleeping in mom and dad’s room at night
  • Mom saw me roll over twice in Texas! (stomach to back) Dad hasn’t seen this yet and is sad 🙁
  • Loves to “flirt”!
  • like to fold hands as well as suck on them!
  • Reading books is a daily occurrence with mom – but sometimes we have to take a break in the middle!
  • Enjoys 2-3 mile walks with mom almost every day
  • Total joy!

IMG_0456Cooooolllllld day in mid-April for this little bear!

IMG_0440BFFs – Luke and Copper

IMG_0429 See, we’re TRYING to sleep in the crib!

IMG_0410Guard puppy.

IMG_0405Figuring out the Bumbo chair!

IMG_0392 We did our first trip with a 2.5 month old! Yay! IMG_0388 We loved our trip to Texas!

IMG_0378 Hook Em!

IMG_0371 Happy Easter! He is Risen! IMG_0368 Playing with Nana!IMG_0365I love my grandparents!  FullSizeRender Texas WildflowersIMG_0340The guys hanging out!  IMG_0325 Love Grandpa Jeff! IMG_0317 Meeting Great Uncle Greg!

IMG_0283Sleep bubbles!

IMG_0268 “Uncle” Ben changing a diaper!

IMG_0265Surviving dad’s first work trip!


IMG_0223Hiking with cousin Mel in Winter Park.

IMG_0212 Love this sweet life.

IMG_0191 Nana and Mel visited us for Spring Break.

IMG_0182Luke and his puppy paci!

Two Months Old

This is a bit delayed, but Luke was two months old on March 16th!  He is growing a ton, and it is so fun to watch him develop!


Two month picture taking went a bit better than one month!

  • ~11 lbs
  • ~22 inches
  • Eyes are still blue
  • Blonde or brown hair – we don’t know!
  • After six weeks off (awesome) Andy went back to work 🙁
  • Started to smile (all the time!) at the beginning of the month
  • Starting to follow things (especially mom and dad and the dogs)
  • Likes to focus on faces
  • Really likes looking at lights and outside
  • Sleeping at least one 4-5 hour chunk a night
  • Still loves to dance
  • Falls asleep best to a sound machine – the rain sound
  • Loves walks (tends to fall asleep)
  • Started going to MOPS with mom
  • Enjoying tummy time more – starting to hold head up
  • Not screaming during bath time anymore
  • Really likes music (at home, church, in the car, etc) – calms him down!

IMG_0272We had a lot of cold days this month! Brrrr! Ready for Spring!

IMG_1961Mommy’s best friend Rachel came to visit! Luke loved it! IMG_3298 If this isn’t a spitting image of Andy (outfit and all), I don’t know what is…IMG_4746Swaddled and in bed – but wide awake!  IMG_4848 Luke and I have lots of fun together! IMG_5120 Luke isn’t really a fan of the snow!!

IMG_7282Fun with Daddy – love when he comes home every night! IMG_8172Our puppies loveeeee their baby!

IMG_9879Luke’s personality is really starting to shine! Love this picture.